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Lucky you! ;)

By Alexandra Grosjean

God doesn't know better →

Give it a try ;)

— 1 week ago
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"We had a blast yesterday in France for Music Day!, imagine the whole country playing music in the streets! Can’t wait to come back for next year! 21 june"
— 1 month ago

Jennifer Hudson - Walk It Out

— 1 month ago
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Mary J. Blige - A Night to Remember

This woman has the beat!

— 1 month ago with 1 note
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One direction - You & I

We have in exclusive the new One Direction music video!

¿What do you guys think about it!?

— 3 months ago with 4 notes
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"¿How y’ll doing today!?, For all those country fans, ¿Are you ready for ACM tomorrow? I AM!"
— 3 months ago

Luke Bryan - She Get Me High

¿Have you already voted for him in the ACM this sunday?

— 3 months ago
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Nas - “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” official music video (explicit)

— 3 months ago
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